How Should a Christian Respond to the Death of Osama bin Laden?


By: Dr. Robert Morey, Ph.D. (Islamic Studies)


All who love freedom and liberty rejoiced to hear that the mass murderer, child rapist, and terrorist Osama bin Laden was executed for his gross crimes against God and man. His death is viewed the same as we view the death of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, etc. We rejoice and praise God for his death and know that if he did not repent, renounce Islam, and accept Christ as the crucified Son of God, second person of the Trinity, he is in hell today.

First, as I wrote in my book, How to Win the War Against Radical Islam, the war against the Muslim Jihadists will be long and costly and will not be won until we bomb the Kabah in Mecca.  Islam is based on a brick and mortar building that can be destroyed. They pray to that building five times a day, make a pilgrimage to it, run around it, kiss a black rock on the wall, then run between two hills and finally throw rocks at a pillar. What if that building, the Kabah, was destroyed? They could not pray to it or make a pilgrimage to it. The old pagan temple of the moon-god, al-ilah, is the Achilles' heel of Islam. Destroy it and you destroy Islam's soul.

Second, I hope they buried bin Laden in a pig skin bag as I also wrote in my book. This would prevent him from being resurrected according to many Muslim theologians. Since he could not be resurrected, he could not enjoy sex with the virgins in Paradise. This would strike fear in all Jihadists. If they were also buried in pig skin bags, their motivation for Jihad would die.

Third, beware of ignorant people who twist such Scriptures as Pro. 17:24. Some misguided Christians have claimed that the Bible condemns any rejoicing over the death of people like bin Laden. Scripture does indeed prohibit rejoicing over the fall of your personal enemies.

Fourth, while we should not rejoice over the fall of our personal enemies, there is not a single verse in the Bible that condemns rejoicing over the destruction of national enemies. Remember how the Jews rejoiced over the destruction of Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea? Read Exo. 15 to see how believers should react when national enemies are destroyed.

Fifth, beware that traitors in our government who will announce that with the death of bin Laden, the war against radical Islam is over and it is time to withdraw all our troops from all countries where we are presently fighting it. They will try to stop the war just when we finally have a clear victory.

I am sorry to tell you but there will be an endless supply of bin Ladens to fight until we destroy the Kabah. Jihad is essential to the very soul of Islam and Muslims will not stop killing us until we destroy their soul by destroying the Kabah.

Lastly, with the political unrest in Middle Eastern countries, now is the perfect time to bomb the Kabah and the nuclear plants in Iran. If we did it now, there would no united Muslim response as their governments are in chaos.

The execution of bin Laden is only one step in winning the war against fundamental Islam.

 Let us seize the moment and destroy the Kabah and Iran.