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From the Desk, Dr. Robert A. Morey

ISIS, the Vegas Shooters, the FBI, and You

Now that the confirmation has appeared on local TV here in Vegas that there was more than one Muslim involved in the massacre, the FBI, part of...

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From the Desk - Dr. Morey Jude3

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A Brief History of Reincarnation

The present popular Western concepts of reincarnation are actually refinements of the ancient theory of transmigration. This theory state...

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An Evangelical Appraisal of Greek Philosophy in General and Aristotle in Particular

Evangelical Christians have historically held fast to the principle of sola scriptura as defined by the Protestant Reformers. The truth a...

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An Open Letter to Roman Catholic Apologists

The New Catholic Catechism in Part One, Section 847, states that non-Catholics who “seek...

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