To Keep Up And To Be Educated On The Issues With The 2016 Presidential Election, Check Out These Sites


  1. Donald Trump's Official Site 2016
  2. Trump vs. Clinton (2016) Presidential Voter Guide - PDF
  3. (a site launched by Donald Trump to expose Hillary Clinton's lies)
  4. NRA Endorses Donald Trump (see TV Speech 5/20/16)
  5. Stop The Steal (Election Fraud Could Happen)
  6. Donald J. Trump's authorized Super PAC is the Committee for American Sovereignty
  7. 5 Reasons Bernie Voters Should Support Trump
  8. American Hispanics Want Trump Wall (7/11/16) - Residents of McAllen, Texas explain why they support Donald Trump
  9. The Stone Zone
  10. Students for Trump
  11. Donald Trump Economic American Solutions Part I
  12. Donald Trump Economic American Solutions Part II
  13. Donald Trump “America First” Conservative Solutions Part III
  14. Why the Electoral College is Important (2016)