The Book by Daillé is Finally Ready


The Book by DaillĂ© is Finally Ready. Treatise on the Right Use of the Fathers. $30.00 plus $5 postage.

Any Protestant apologist who has not read DaillĂ© or Lightfoot’s refutation of the authenticity of the so-called fathers is DISQUALIFIED from debating Orthodox or Catholic apologists.

The so-called “fathers” were the INFANTS of the church. Most of them had no Jewish background and they did not possess or read the Old Testament. They did not even have the entire New Testament in their possession. They depended on hearsay materials. They taught many pagan myths and doctrines. They were not the men mentioned in the Bible. For example, Clement did not write the “Works of Clement. It was written by a Syrian monk who lied by saying Clement wrote it.

Orthodox and Catholics should read Daille to understand that their claim that their religion is supported by the so-called fathers is erroneous.

I only have one box of books left.

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