Las Vegas Massacre Solved! Yes, it was an Islamic attack working with Leftist organizations and there were multiple shooters


‚ÄčIt was an Islamic attack, which ISIS confirmed he converted 6 months ago to Islam and they took credit for the attack. It involved multiple Shooters and he had help. The Sheriff Lombardo, who is bucking the system because he is honest, was correct that he might have been radicalized. Obama, Clinton, Bush holdovers in the government are ambushing President Trump. So, President Trump went to Las Vegas to talk to the police and Sheriff himself. Some facts about what happened: 1. You cannot bring all those guns in any hotels on the main strip because the maids go into the room and inspect it (if he had one hand gun in his room the security would confiscate it unless he had a permit or was law enforcement--Paddock was there for 5 days); 2. Leftist owned Globalist Mandalay Bay Casino (according to Infowars) allowed all these guns in their hotel?; 3. Sheriff says no way did Paddock act alone; 3. Eyewitnesses confirmed by police that they were two people warning the crowd that there was going to be a killing and get out; 4. It was not alone shooter (the police at the Bellagio Casino took out the shooter in the first minute and a half--witnesses & police confirm this); 5. Feds (military, special agents, Seal team, etc. and local police telling Infowars that there were different guns being fired (it was machine guns, not a buttstock) and multiple shooters; 6. Law enforcement is being told to lie, but they are bucking the system and their investigation. 7. This has an intelligence agency cut out. Paddock was in Florida and NASA years ago. Spends millions of dollars gambling. Gives his family thousands of dollars to gamble. You launder money through the casino. He had two airplanes. Then he gets all these arms in the hotel that is surveyed and then told he was alone on Monday; there was a stand down. He could have been a gun runner, sometimes working with the FBI, then shipping the guns through the Philippines. He might have been framed--a patsy. The Islamic groups are working with leftist organizations. Main stream media reports Billion-dollar Vegas company tied to terrorist organizations.

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