New Christian Voter Guide Lands In Battleground State

Contributor: Scott Allswang

Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition has now begun dropping their presidential voter guide into key battleground states. It has just posted to their site and you can check it out here:

They are sending this out to roughly 17 million social conservatives that they have identified in their extensive voter file. It is being delivered by mail, email, text message, to churches and door-to-door. When people receive the voting guide in the mail, they can scan the barcode into their smart phone where a video begins to play that sums up the candidates positions on the issues.

To give you an idea of just how massive an effort this is, the Faith and Freedom Coalition will mail about 2 million voter guides in some of the key battleground states. When Ralph Reed was with the Christian Coalition in the 1990’s, they might send out 200,000 pieces of mail in each state. Reed tells me that, “It’s the difference between a Model T and a Ferrari.”

Oh by the way, guess what? Reed’s group has the cell phone numbers of 13 million social conservative voters. President Obama’s campaign had 7 million cell phones in 2008. Not too shabby at all. The Faith and Freedom Coalition is locked and loaded, as they get ready to mobilize Teavangelical voters across the country. The question is will the Romney campaign do their part and have a strong ground game too?