DHS Continues To Increase Ammo And Power: Seizes Ours

Contributor: Scott Allswang

“This is tyranny, “ says Alex Jones at InfoWars. “You are going to have to be the Paul Reveres.”

Bulletproof checkpoint booths; riot gear, hollow point bullets, and now sniper grade ammunition: The Department of Homeland Security - a non-military agency - has requested all of these items, and more.

Is the United States about to enter a domestic war? Or is Obama just determined to keep dissenters in line?

In March of this year, the Department of Homeland Security purchased 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point bullets, even though these types of bullets have been illegal in international warfare since 1899.

Since November of last year, the DHS has purchased a total of 1.4 billion rounds of ammunition - and now they have a new series of purchase orders on the FedBizOpps website requesting over 2 million more rounds of sniper-grade ammo.

The federal government is busy purchasing checkpoint booths, anti-radiation pills, and large assault vehicles.

For what?

And be aware that Page 20 of the US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” says that in confronting “dissidents,” a “warning shot will not be fired.”

Who is a “dissident?”

But as the government beefs up its arsenal, it is intent on taking away the rights of citizens to bear arms and defend themselves against tyranny. Consider:

If you weren’t already concerned about the power the Department of Homeland Security is amassing, you should be now—especially because we don’t have a President who respects the Constitution and the rights it gives us.

The DHS continues to request more firepower, their reasons for doing so continue to be vague, and Obama continues to give them more control over our daily lives while he ignores the corruption and scandal going on within the agency itself.

During an August 1st hearing held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on Government Organization, Efficiency and Financial Management, acting Inspector General (IG) of DHS, Charles Edwards, admitted that his office is overwhelmed by all the criminal allegations against DHS employees, and he has asked the Obama administration for 50 additional investigators just so he can work on the complaints within his own organization!

Since 2004, around the time the Department of Homeland Security began, 2,527 DHS employees have been convicted of corruption and criminal misconduct:


These are the very people who will possess military checkpoints, sniper grade ammunition, hollow point bullets, and riot gear.

Americans, particularly conservatives, should be very worried about our First and Fourth Amendment rights - because the DHS released a report warning of radical groups like people who are Christian, pro-life, against big government, and men and women who are returning military veterans.

The DHS is already in control at the airport, where we are fondled and humiliated simply because we need to board an airplane.

The DHS could soon be in control of your Internet activities - watching you shop, bank, interact, post comments, or message friends.

There is no telling what else Obama will put them in charge of, or how he will use the DOJ or the ATF to kill our rights. Whatever happens, we know the federal government will be well armed and well protected; American citizens will not.

We must, as Alex Jones urges, become like Paul Revere and expose the purchases the DHS is making, while we lean on Congress to stop this military-like behavior by a domestic agency. Our Constitution and our Bill of Rights must be defended against all enemies, foreign and domestic.