German Neo-Natzis Helped Islamic Jihadists Murder 11 Israeli Athletes at 1972 Munich Olympics

Contributor: Scott Allswang | June, 2012
Nazis and jihadis have made common cause since the Mufti of Jerusalem lived in Berlin during World War II, made broadcasts for the National Socialists, and raised up an SS division of Bosnian Muslims. As part of their Goebbels-like Big Lie today, Islamic supremacists and their Leftist allies today try to claim that counter-jihadists are sympathetic to or even in league with Nazis. This has never been the case, but the Nazi/jihad alliance has been made many times. 
"German neo-Nazis helped Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes in 1972 Munich Massacre, intelligence files reveal," by Julian Gavaghan for the Daily Mail, June 19.
German neo-Nazis helped Palestinian terrorists kill 11 Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, newly released intelligence files reveal. 
Abu Daoud, who is believed to the mastermind of the atrocity, met fascist Willi Pohl in Dortmund, according to a city police dossier kept secret for 40 years.

But despite the file being passed on to the German federal intelligence agency, Verfassungsschutz, there is no evidence that they acted upon the 2,000-page report.
And this lack of action allowed Daoud, who is named in the police report as his alias Saad Walli, to travel the country to meet fellow terrorists and plan the attack.
Pohl, who is now a crime fiction author, told magazine Der Spiegel: ‘I chauffeured Abu Daoud through the entire Federal Republic where he met in different cities with Palestinians.’
The 68-year-old, who insists he had no idea the group were planning the attack, claims he unwittingly also helped Daoud obtain false passports and other documents.
But Pohl allegedly later bragged to his employer about his contact with the extremist wing of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, according to the report....