The Gospel of Judas

Every Easter and Christmas the liberal media attacks the Bible and Christianity. They do it year after year like clockwork. Well, it is time for them to assault Jesus once again. National Geographic has announced that it will release a translation of "The Gospel of Judas" and that it will cause a stir. What are the facts?

1. The so-called "Gospel of Judas" is actually the "Gospel of the Cannites," a third or fourth century Syrian Gnostic work. It is not written in Greek, but Coptic. It is not from the first century.

2. The Cannites went through biblical history and rewrote that history to turn all villains into heroes. They began by rewriting the history of Cain. According to the Bible, he murdered his brother Abel. The Gnostics turned him into a hero! They were so enthusiastic in defense of Cain that they were eventually called the "Cannites."

3. They went through the rest of the Bible and turned anyone it condemned as evil into good people. They even defended the homosexuals of Sodom and all the other sodomites mentioned in the Bible! The Gnostics were well known for being gay or bisexual as a philosophical statement.

4. Given their practice of turning villains into heroes, is it any wonder that they rehabiliated Judas? He is described as betraying Jesus as a mission for God.

5. If the Cannites were alive today, they would rewrite the life of Jack the Ripper, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. and turn them into heroes. This puts the situation into a modern context.

The release of the "Gospel of Judas" will coincide with the release of the Da Vinci Code movie. It is a marketing move to increase the sale of tickets.