The Valley of Foolosophy [Part Three]

By: Dr. Robert Morey  |  November  20, 2007

The conclusion - Will Christian appeal to Scripture or to Natural Theology?

“Can you prove by reason alone that there is a God or that Jesus loves me?”

Christian looked at him and said:

“The Gospel is not optional. It is either turn or burn; repent or perish. I exhort you with all divine authority to repent of your sin and turn to your Maker before He casts you into hell forever. The message of the cross is not the product of human reason, experience, feelings or faith. It was revealed by God himself in the pages of the Bible, the Written Word of God. The Greeks want foolosophical arguments and the Jews demand miracles. But I will not do either lest your faith be based on philosophy or experience instead of Revelation.”

Christian continued,

“Talkative, Foolosophy has finally run its course. The New X-ism is the end result of rejecting the God of the Bible. You can’t have truth, morals, meaning, or beauty if you begin with man. The only choice before you is clear: If you begin with the Revelation of God in the Bible, you have everything. If you begin with man, you have nothing.”

Talkative asked,

“But what about the arguments of the bubble men? They claim that man, starting from himself, within himself, apart from any outside source such as this Bible you mentioned, can understand the truth about God, man, the world around us, etc.”

Christian chuckled, answering,

“They foolishly try to jump from the finite to the infinite. They start with particulars and try their best to turn them into universals. I guess they think they can turn lead into gold! They cannot even make ‘is’ into ‘ought.’ Matter cannot be changed into morals by merely wishing it to be so. Natural law is a bust. They are living in a time warp.”

Talkative replied, “I never knew that people actually believed this nonsense.”

Christian agreed and said,

“They did, but the foolosophers have since then moved on and escaped from the bubble. 
Once the foolosophers that used to be stuck in this Valley failed to find truth and morals by reason alone, they threw down the baton and admitted that without God there can be no truth or morals. We were relieved that the search for such things was over and we could just have a good time. Then the bubble men picked up the baton and shouted, ‘Just give me until tomorrow and I will find truth and morals through human reason alone.’ But they have failed just like all those before them failed.

God has commanded men everywhere to repent and believe in Jesus Christ and His gospel. He does not ask you to repent. He commands you to repent. The Bible says that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, and that he was raised from the dead on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared before his disciples.”

Talkative said,

“I don’t know why but I believe what you are saying. I know that I am a sinner on my way to hell. I need a savior. Tell more of Jesus and His love for sinners like me.”

I awoke from the dream as Christian and Talkative were on
their knees together asking God for mercy through the
merits of Christ alone. Talkative had listened to the bubble
men for years and never accepted the gospel. But
confronted with Divine Revelation, he acknowledged his sin
and guilt and that Jesus was the only way to heaven.
The Holy Spirit opened his heart and mind to the Gospel.
After all, no one was ever argued into the kingdom. They are
born into it by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.