The Sellout Has Begun

If Walter Martin were in his grave, he would be spinning in it as you read this news flash. Who would have ever imagined that such evangelicals as Ravi Zacharias would preach a positive message in the LDS Tabernacle in Salt Lake, Utah, and state later that the Mormons agreed with his gospel message? If that is not bad enough, who would imagine the president of Fuller Seminary apologizing for evangelicals demonizing Mormons and promising to change our ways? Who would imagine the following people such as Craig Hazen supporting the ecumenical orgy that took place in the Mormon Tabernacle? The following is a roll-call of shame:

I am not surprised the LDS church was able to offer enough money to make this meeting take place. Why? These men are "for sale" to the highest bidder. Follow the money to see who is betraying Christ. 
I remember when reported that Chuck Colson sold Christ down the river for a million dollars at the World Congress of Religion in Chicago. Some people would not believe me even though I offered ironclad proof.
Mormon money is big money - and people like those listed above, such as CRI, will run to get the money even if they have to trample the cross of Christ underfoot. 

The same people who embrace Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox priests for filthy lucre will now run over to pick up some easy money from the LDS. While they praise the LDS, they will not allow me to speak at their schools or conferences.
What can you do about this abomination? 

  1. Send Mouw at Fuller a letter telling him he did not represent you. We are not "demonizing" Mormons when we speak the truth in love concerning what Joseph Smith actually taught. See my book, How To Answer a Mormon.
  2. Write or call Biola and demand they fire Hazen for once again betraying the gospel. How long will the alumni of Biola and Talbot tolerate the heresies being taught there? 
  3. Boycott Michael Card and the others and do not give them another dime of your hard-earned money. 
  4. Help us to establish the California Biblical University and Seminary. We need several thousand dollars to get up and rolling. Then we will give the liberals a heart attack by educating Bible-believing pastors, missionaries, and scholars. 

Fuller, Biola and the other schools in the area are under the control of humanists and liberals. We need a new school that will not compromise the truth for fame or fortune, and will stand against the wicked heresies taught on every hand today.

Rise up, O men of God! 

Have done with lesser things. 

Give heart and soul and mind and strength 
to serve the King of kings.

By Dr. Robert Morey
copyright ©2004 Faith Defenders 


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