The Inerrancy of the Bible

By Dr. Robert A. Morey

Would you call someone “reliable” who: 

Would you continue to trust his word after being deceived by him again and again? I don’t think so! Yet, this is what liberal theologians ask us to do with the Bible! Liberal theologians claim:


I. The Reliability of Scripture
When Christian theologians use such words as “infallibility” and “inerrancy,” they are simply saying that the Bible is reliable in everything it records. Thus you can count on the Bible because it is true, factual, real, and historical. The Bible is:


II. Common questions about inerrancy  


Each gospel writer selected certain things from the life of Christ to illustrate a particular theme that he wanted to convey to a specific audience he had in mind. He would arrange these things in a way to highlight his message. Thus they did not try to give a precise chronology of the words or actions of Christ. For example, Matthew groups together all the kingdom parables in chapter 13 regardless of when they were given. He structured his gospel account according to certain themes- not chronology.      

Book               Theme                                 Audience
Matt:      What did Jesus say?                    The Jews
Mark:     What did Jesus do?                     The Romans
Luke:      Who followed Jesus?                  The Greeks
John:       Who was Jesus?                         The Christians






The Bible is reliable in all it records because its authors were sovereignly guided in what they wrote by God himself and hence infallible and inerrant. You can trust the Bible.