Pope John Paul II is on Fire for Christ and Response to Maranatha High School in CA

Dr. Robert Morey  |  November 11, 2006

Pope John Paul II was a poor sinner who trusted in his own righteousness and in the merits of Mary, the saints, and the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church. He was well-known for his supreme devotion to Mary. When he opened his papal gown a message was sewn into the fabric that said, "I do it all for you, Mary."

When he was saved from the assassin he gave the credit to Mary and not Christ. The Pope was guilty of Mariolatry to such an extent it was hoped that he was going to declare her the fourth member of the Trinity. When he arrived in Brazil and was notified about the hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholic that had become evangelical Christians he declared, "We need to have a holy war against the evangelicals." He taught salvation by works and not by grace, and gave no indication of personal knowledge or relationship to Jesus Christ.

That he was not really a Christian is fully revealed in his attitude toward other religions. He believed that all religions are roads to God, and actively prayed with Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Eastern Orthodox, Witches, Satanists, Cultist, New Agers, Voodooists, etc. He even kissed the Qur'an.

When I spoke concerning these things at a supposed Christian high school called Maranatha Christian High School in Pasadena, the headmaster and some of the faculty rose in defense of the Pope, claiming that the Pope was a born again Christian, a man of God and an evangelist for Christ. The headmaster publicly attacked me in an open letter without even bothering to contact me privately. Below is a copy of the letter that I have sent to the school in the hopes that if there are any Christians left there they will throw these Catholic sympathizers out of the school.

I am sick and tired of liberals stealing evangelical schools and turning them into ecumenical whorehouses where they sleep with any and all religionists. After reading the letter if you feel as I do that their defense of the Pope and their condemnation of me was outrageous, write them and tell them so.


California Biblical University and Seminary

April 20, 2005
To The Board, Faculty, Parents, and Students of
Maranatha High School
1610 E. Elizabeth St.
Pasadena, CA 91104

To Whom It Concerns,
Since Mr. Crane chose to publicly attack my ministry in an open letter instead of coming to me in private according to Matt. 18, I am forced to defend the gospel against his pernicious liberalism.
It is always sad to see a school that was once a solid Christian school fall away into liberalism. The people who built Maranatha High School 40 years ago never envisioned the day when the Head of the School would openly reject historic, Evangelical, Fundamental, and Protestant doctrine and support Roman Catholicism instead. This is a sad day indeed.
If the Board does not remove Mr. Crane and return the school to its Evangelical roots, we will have to publicly list Maranatha as apostate and warn churches and parents not to send their children to it. We will contact John MacArthur and many other local leaders and warn them about the school falling into popery.
In his two letters, Mr. Crane exposed his ignorance and arrogance as well as apostasy. He is a typical liberal who knows neither the Scriptures nor the Word of God. I doubt he even knows that the historic Protestant and Evangelical position on the Pope of Rome is that the pope is an antichrist. I doubt he understands that what I said in chapel was 100% Biblical and 100% in line with historic Evangelical theology.
In order for you to see that he is not a real Christian but only a typical liberal phony, I hereby challenge him to a public debate on the following issues:  

a.    What do the creeds and confessions of Protestant churches say concerning the pope of Rome? I will prove that they state that the pope is not a fellow Christian but an anti-Christ.

b.    Does the Bible teach that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to Scripture alone? I will prove that it does so.

c.    Does the Bible condemn those who deny the gospel? I will show that the Word of God condemns those who deny the gospel of free grace.

d.    Does the Bible condemn those who teach that we are saved by works? I will show that indeed it does this.

e.    Is the eternal destiny of the pope (or anyone else) determined by his works or his beliefs? There is none good or righteous, no not even the pope. No one does good works. What you believe will determine where you will spend eternity.

f.     Is it necessary to trust in Jesus alone for your salvation? Yes.

g.    If someone trusts Mary and the saints to get him into heaven, will he make it? No. 

Those like the Pope who trust in their works, the sacraments of the Roman church, praying to the saints, and worshipping Mary for their salvation will end up in hell.

Now, to be sure, Mr. Crane will probably not accept my challenge because he knows that he will be exposed for being a fraud. He knows that I can produce overwhelming evidence that what I said in chapel was 100% biblical and 100% historic evangelical theology. He might be fired and thrown out by those who want a Christian school instead of Roman Catholic school. Thus I fully expect him to run for the hills because liberals are always cowards when push comes to shove.

We will be praying for his salvation and that if there are any Christians left on the Board or faculty or among the parents and students, they will rise up and recapture the school for Christ.

The liberals have stolen the school and are turning into an ecumenical, apostate institute. If any of you still believe in the fundamental doctrines of the Bible, it is time for you to take your school back. Fight for the gospel before it is too late. If you fail to take the school back to its evangelical roots, then walk off and start a real Christian school where the gospel is preached without compromise.

If you agree with Crane that the pope made it to heaven on the basis of his good works, then, like Crane, you are also on your way to hell and need to be saved. We “speak the truth in love” that you might be saved.

The California Biblical University and Seminary is 100% biblical and fundamental in its teachings. We do not compromise or water down the Word of God to placate the politically correct crowd. We speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth according to the Bible. This is tough love and, God knows, it is time for someone to tell you to wake up before it is too late.

Jude 3


Dr. Robert Morey, Ph.D., D. Min., D.D.
President of California Biblical University and Seminary