PBS: The Life of Muhammad, Episode One

August 27, 2013

This public TV program was financed, produced, and hosted by Muslims. It is an evangelistic sermon to convert ignorant Americans to Islam. In order to do this, it resorts to bold-faced lies. For example, it stated that the Qur'an and the Hadiths do not attributed any miracles to Muhammad. In my book, Islamic Invasion, I list all the miracles attributed to Muhammad. A woman converted to Islam said that Islam elevates the status of women and that they are treated as equal to men. Those of you who have my book have the documentation that disproves this lie. Not once did it give the evidence against the myths and legends around Muhammad.

Where are the scholars who do not believe that Muhammad ever existed? Why didn't they admit that there is NO historical evidence for Muhammad for hundreds of years? They tried to use a fraudulent Armenian work that is not accepted as true today. Contact your local PBS TV station and denounce the program as lies and half-truths. They should be ashamed for letting the Muslims use their stations to evangelize people. With 9/11 coming up, it is just wrong.