Is the Seeker Church Movement Biblical?

By Dr. Robert Morey

Since Rick Warren's church in Saddleback, CA is not too far from Faith Community in Irvine, we are receiving more and more refugees who have fled Saddleback and have joined our fellowship. Based upon the principle "by the mouth of two or three witnesses a matter is established," our own investigation has revealed that The Purpose-Driven Church and The Purpose -Driven Life are not Biblical.

After examining the various books he has written and comparing them with other leaders such as Bill Hybels who promote "Christianity Lite," we cannot recommend that anyone read these books or attend any of these "seeker" churches. They have become so bold as to state that they are NOT interested in building a New Testament church that is based upon Biblical principles. Instead, they go out into the community and ask the world of unbelief to tell them what kind of church to build that would be attractive to the unbeliever. Hence, they have taken down any symbols such as crosses, removed hymnals, and have dropped such words as "sin," Hell," and "judgment."

Dr. David Hocking sat outside of Saddleback with a friend for three services to count how many Bibles were actually brought into the church by the people who attend. Fewer than ten people even bothered to bring one.

I know that I am being critical of a "sacred cow" and evangelical icon that is extremely popular at this time. But just as Paul had to oppose Peter, I must oppose Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, and their clones as being unfaithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The following articles and newspaper stories will help you to understand why I am concerned that the "seeker church" fad is ecumenical and will end up part of the one-world religion under the False Prophet.

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