ISIS, the Vegas Shooters, the FBI, and You

Now that the confirmation has appeared on local TV here in Vegas that there was more than one Muslim involved in the massacre, the FBI, part of Obama’s deep-state government, is still saying that Islam was not involved and that there was only one shooter. Their timeline has been challenged by the policemen who stormed the hotel. When they counted the casings to account for over 50,000 bullets that were fired, they are not in the room.
It is now claimed that the hotel itself was involved because it ordered the maids not to enter the room of Babcock for three days. People are lining up to sue the hotel for being responsible for the murders.
As Christians, we denounce the Jihadist attack on innocent people. They were chosen because the majority of them voted for Trump. The shooters, like ALL recent mass murders, were members of the Democratic party. Not one NRA supporter has done a single massacre. Should the Democratic Party should be labeled a terrorist organization?
I ran around in the 1980s warning America that Islamic terrorism was coming to America. I was called names and dismissed as a crank. But, I am sorry to say, what I predicted has come to pass. You need to read Islamic Invasion and How to Win the War Against Radical Islam to understand what we face.
Get yourself some guns and take classes on how to handle them. Get a concealed weapon permit to protect crazy people like Piper and others who denounce guns. The woman in the church in TN had a gun in her pocket book and took out the Muslims terrorist before he killed everyone in the church. She should be taken to the White House and given a medal of honor for her courage under fire.

Jude 3,
Dr. Bob