God, Evil, and Your Task Force

By: Dr. Robert Morey  |  January 24, 2008

To One and All,

No one seems to know where or how to discuss the subject of evil! Reading the blogs has been a disappointment and a waste of time. Why? People are following rabbit trails into dark holes everywhere. The rabbits are leading the pack! I for one will not go down into the darkness of a rabbit hole. My time is far too valuable.

Let us get organized. Only people with a Bible and a brain need apply. We need deeds - not creeds; works - not words.

First Task: Identify the English vocabulary for all the words that denote “evil.” This means you have to include such words as sin, bad, wicked, wickedness, iniquity, transgression, rebellion, pain, hell, suffering, etc.

  1. I need one person to make a list of any and all English words that denote “evil.”
  2. Who wants to do this? Members of the task force will vote who will do this if several people volunteer to do this task. 
  3. How will you do this?
  4. What reference works will you use?
  5. When will you get the work done?


Whoever does this task must not do a “half-ass” job. Your list will be posted and the task force will discuss what words you chose and if you missed some words or included words that should not have been listed.

Once we have a list of all the possible English words that denote “evil” in some way, we can take step two.

-Dr. R. A. Morey