Defend Against the Jihad

From the Desk of Dr. Morey:

With the terrible news of the deaths of journalists in France at the hands of Muslim terrorists, now is the time for my books on Islam to put be into the hands of your pastor and church leaders. He has been told by his denominational leaders that Christians, Muslims, and Jews worship the same God. They see well-known "Evangelical" leaders promoting "Chrislam."

How will they know the truth that there is only one God, one Name, and one Way if you do not tell them? Now is the time to get busy defending the gospel. People want to know why Muslims are running around killing people, like all the school children murdered in Pakistan. Their church leaders will not tell them the truth.

But Faith Defenders will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth- so help us God! If you have not ordered my DVD on Jihad, do so today. Then have your church watch it. Be part of the solution- not merely standing around wringing your hands. Heads up! Look to Jesus! And get busy fighting Islam while you can. One day the government may not allow you to speak out against Islam. But you can do so now.

Dr. Bob

Help fight the Jihad, spread the word and order your copy of the DVD today!