Christian Education Committee


    To plan programs and activities with the overall purpose of promoting the spiritual maturity of the members of this church and their families.

    TASK: As a group, discuss and then give a definition of:

    • "Spiritual Maturity"
    • "Every area of life"
    • "Members and families"

    GOAL: In order to implement the central goal, this committee must set up and supervise programs and activities in this church.


    1. Contrast the traditional concept with a "Body Life" concept of Sunday School.
      1. When was Sunday School invented?
      2. Why was it invented?
      3. How has Sunday School developed since then?
      4. What is the purpose of Sunday School according to tradition?
      5. Does Sunday School lead to the father's neglect of the religious education of his children?
      6. Can this abuse of Sunday School be overcome?
      7. How can Sunday School be restructured to reflect the central goal?

    2. Teachers
      1. Where, when and how can teachers be trained for Sunday School?
      2. Literature
      3. Seminars
        1. Live
        2. Video tape
        3. Films
      4. Classes
      5. Retreats
      6. What standards and qualifications should be used in selecting teachers?

    1. Teacher-pupil ratio

    2. Age or maturity classification?

    1. Denominational

    2. Independent

    3. Written by someone in church

    1. How can we structure Sunday School to strengthen family religious education?

    2. Can Sunday School help "Family Night?"
      1. Take home paper
      2. Work with family

      1. Musical instruments
      2. Video tapes
      3. Films
      4. Flannel board
      5. Puppets


    1. How many Scriptures?

    2. What method?

    3. Parent participation?

    4. Rewards as incentives

    5. Material for memorizing Scripture
      1. Flash cards
      2. Literature
      3. Cartoons
      4. Songs, Etc.

    6. TASK: Develop a statement of purpose for Sunday School.

    1. How do seminars fit into the central goal?

    2. What seminars should be promoted in this church?

    3. Seminars (kinds of)
      1. Live
      2. Video tape
      3. Film
      4. Retreats

    4. What Topics Should Be Covered In A Seminar Format?
      1. How to discipline your children
      2. How to manage your money, etc.
      3. How often should the church sponsor a seminar?
      4. What responsibilities should be fulfilled by the Christian Education Committee?
        1. Selecting Seminars
        2. Scheduling
        3. Publicity
        4. Travel, Etc.

    5. Should The Adult Sunday School Be Used for Seminars?

    6. What About House Churches?

    7. TASK: Develop a statement of purpose for seminars.

    1. Review structure and demands of tape ministry with a view to seeing to it that one person does not have to bear the entire burden.

    2. What equipment is needed?

    3. What is the total cost?

    4. How can this ministry be publicized?

    5. What policies should be set forth as guidelines?

    6. If someone must use large amounts of time in this activity, should they be paid? What does "the laborer is worthy of his wages" (I Tim. 5:18) mean? If the ministry ultimately required a full time worker, is this Biblical?

    7. TASK: Develop a statement of purpose for the tape ministry.

    1. Review catalogs to see if there are any interesting tapes/films.

    2. What tapes/films meet specific needs in the church?

    3. What are those specific needs?
      1. Church growth
      2. Discipline of children
      3. Training for Sunday School teachers, Etc.
        1. Where and when should they be shown?
        2. Sunday School
        3. Worship service, Agape Feast, etc.
        4. Enrichment groups
        5. Fri. or Sat. P.M. in homes, halls, etc.
        6. Wed. P.M.

    4. What policies should be set up on the rental fees involved?

    5. Should they be open to the public?

    6. Where, how, when and at what cost should they be publicized?

    7. TASK: Develop a statement of purpose for video tapes and films.

    1. Define what a retreat is.

    2. Discuss its place in the local church.

    3. Can the entire church go off to a retreat?

    4. Over a weekend?

    5. When can different groups in the church hold a retreat?
      1. Youth
      2. Women
      3. Men

    6. What place can a men's or women's breakfast have in the program of the church?

    7. How often can the church as a whole hold a retreat?

    8. What policies should be set up to cover the cost, schedule, etc?

    9. TASK: Develop a statement of purpose for retreats.

    1. What place can literature have in promoting spiritual maturity?

    2. Should a church library be set up?

    3. What programs can be set up to promote reading of good books?
      1. Book of the month
      2. Handouts
      3. Newsletter
      4. Book table, etc.
    4. TASK: Develop a statement of purpose for literature.


    Given the humanism, drugs and immorality often found in the public school system, there are only two options open to Christians. Either they get busy and clean up the public schools or they take their children out of the system. If there are problems in the school district such as the teaching of secular humanism, New Age religion, communism, witchcraft, the occult, ESP, etc., Christian parents should get involved at once:

    1. Immediate Goals
      1. Bring the issue to the attention of the administration.
      2. If not resolved, bring it to the attention of the parents.
      3. When the parents are organized, present the issue to the school board.
      4. If not resolved, bring it to the attention of the media by public protests.
      5. If not resolved, get a lawyer and sue the school district.

    2. Long Range Goals
      1. Christian parents must attend and run the local PTA.

      2. They must elect a Christian majority on the school board and see to it that school and its teachers are not promoting anti-God, anti-Christian and anti-family values. There are districts where the local school system is free from the evils of this age and able to give a good education to children because enough Christians are on the school board. Christians must become involved.

      3. If the public school system is totally corrupt and this is often the case with inner-city schools and there are not enough Christians to clean it up, then parents must take their children out of the public school system. They can either send them to a local Christian school or do home schooling.

      4. Task: Motivate the parents of public school students in the church to clean it up the local schools. Have some of them run for the local school board.

      1. Since the humanists and occultists in the public school spend their time giving "therapy" to the students, Johnny cannot read. At the same time they are painfully aware that the average student in a Christian school is one to two grades ahead of public school students. Christian school students are making the highest scores in the SAT's. This means that the next generation of "educated" people will be the products of the Christian school system! This explains the anger that is focused against the Christian school movement by the NEA.

      2. The federal government may pass a plan in which school taxes go to whatever school your children attend regardless if it is public or private. This will create thousands of new Christian schools.

      3. If we are going to retake our culture for Christ, then our children must become artists, lawyers, doctors, politicians, etc., in order to influence the public. They will not be able to do this with the low level of education they receive in public schools.

      4. Whenever the funds and the students are sufficient, a Christian school should be started. If one is started, the parents must be prepared to pay enough to give a living wage to the teachers. Quality education will cost a great deal of money.

      5. Task: Organize the parents who want to start a Christian school. See how much they are willing to pay. Contact Christian School societies for literature and advice.

      6. What if the public school is corrupt or there is not a Christian school near to you or you cannot afford to send your children there? Then consider home schooling. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that for many, the BEST education possible is home schooling. Home school students take the top honors in academic tests and become aggressive leaders. Because they are not subjected to the peer pressure of the ungodly and they do not have to waste half of the school day in transportation, discipline problems, Mickey Mouse courses, home room, study hall and ignorant teachers, they get a superior education.

      7. Task: Give a presentation on home schooling. Contact the home school groups and get their literature and advice.