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Aldous Huxley on Propaganda and Why We Fall For It


Personal Comment: If you have time this is a very interesting and helpful read.  As you read this be thinking about Obama and his whole administration as well as the Left and Progressives in general.  Also be thinking about Islamists and how they have learned their lesson well from the likes of Hitler and others.  We need to be thinking people and seek to understand what is happening in our nation and to our people.  We are literally being dumb downed and brainwashed in order to fall in line with a godless, anti-Christian, anti-biblical agenda.  As you read this article think about such topics as gay marriage, abortion, religious freedom (or lack of).  As you read this article think about terms such as Islomophobe, homophobe, anti-woman, right-wing extremist, etc.  It's truly amazing how effective this propoganda has been in shaping the attitudes of our nation.
This is why it is so critical, as Christians, that we saturate our minds with the word of God, the Holy Scriptures.  If we don't we will find ourselves being conditioned and brainwashed by other messages that seek to enslave us and lead us astray and get us in line with a political and social agenda that is contrary to a biblical worldview.  We are living in the age of deceit like never before, especially because of mass media and technology.  It has therefore never been more important that we feed on God's word and let TRUTH transform us, shape us, lead us, direct us, and guide us.  It might very well cost us our life one day but better to die for God than to live for Satan.


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