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Why I Am Not an Atheist?

As a world view, atheism must justify itself intellectually just like any other world view.  It makes various statements about the universe, man and God which it expects us to accept as the truth.  These assertions must pass the same tests for truth that judge any and all such assertions.  Atheism is thus not exempt from having to prove its truth claims.

    The creed of atheism is as follows:

    In the entire universe,

    there has never been in the past,

    there is not now in the present, and

    there will never be in the future,      

    any god, gods or goddesses

   of any size, shape or description.
We will now examine the creed of atheism to see if it passes the tests of truth.

The first question is this: Is the creed of atheism logically valid or invalid?  If it is invalid according to the laws of logic, then it is irrational and unacceptable to the educated mind.
The atheist’s creed clearly violates the laws of logic and is thus irrational in nature.
A. According to the laws of logic, it is impossible to prove a universal negative.  When an atheist makes the assertion, “There is no god anywhere at any time,” he is making a universal negative which he cannot prove.  Since he cannot prove or demonstrate his assertion, he is being irrational.
B. The second logical problem is that the only way he could prove his assertion that there is no god is to become God.

1. He would have to be everywhere in the universe at the same time, i.e. he would have to be omnipresent and infinite.

2. He would have to travel throughout the past, the present and the future at the same time, i.e. he would have to be eternal.

3. He would have to know all things, i.e. he would have to be omniscient.

4.  In order to be infinite, omnipresent, eternal and omniscient, he would also have to be omnipotent.
C. Thirdly, if only an infinite and eternal God can logically say there is no infinite and eternal God, this itself would be a self-contradictory statement and, hence, irrational.

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