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The Passion

Dr. Robert Morey  

After all the hype, I was extremely disappointed.

1. About 75% of the movie was not only fictional in nature but much of it contradicted the Biblical account.

2. My emotions were not stirred in the least and I was amazed that so many seeker type churches were rushing to fill the theatres. Some have spent thousands of dollars buying tickets and renting buses. After all the money is spent and the emotions of weak-minded people die away, I do not expect to see any lasting results in either the salvation of sinners or the sanctification of Christians. The movie was no doubt put out by wood, hay and stubble productions.

3. Jesus and the other actors were all white Europeans when Jesus and his disciples were Middle Eastern people of color. I am tired of the stereotypical good looking white Jesus. This continues to play into the hands of the Muslims who chant that Christianity is the white man’s religion.

4. Mary plays a minor role in Scripture but a major role in the movie. The traditional view of Mary in papist theology is clearly at work in this movie.

5. Veronicas rag and other popish superstitions are introduced into the movie as history.

6. Instead of an African carrying the cross for Jesus, the movie has some white guy. Just when we needed historical accuracy, the movie fails us.

7. The type of cross that Jesus carried was wrong and the crucifixion not accurate. The nails were in the wrists, not in the palm of the hand.

8. Even the few seconds of the resurrection were underplayed.

I do not recommend anyone wasting the time or the money to see it.

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