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A Review of Rob Bell's Book, Love Wins

By: Dr. Robert Morey

I carefully refuted the arguments for universalism in my book, Death and the Afterlife. It has been used in over 10 seminaries as the textbook on heaven and hell. I was surprised to find that Bell simply repeats the same old tired arguments I refuted. Bell's book is worthless so far as exegesis, logic, and church history. His arguments reveal that he is totally ignorant of Hebrew and Greek, hermeneutics, theology, church history, and philosophy. It is obvious that Bell's book is inept at best and duplicitous at worse. I note that he was invited to speak at the Ethical Culture Center in NYC. It has hymns in praise to man and does not pretend to be theistic in the least. It was on the same street where I lived and I visited it once to see what it taught and found it filled with gays and lesbians. Bell is also supportive of those sexual preferences. A man is known by the company he keeps!

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