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Never Forget Those Who Lost Their Lives on This 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Contributor: Scott Allswang    

On this day, let us not forget what happened, what was learned, and the extraordinary acts of bravery and humanity that let us see light on one of our darkest days. The casualties were a victory to the enemy; how we reacted to those casualties was not. Through the bloodshed and tears, the greatness of America was plain for all to see.

Let us recommit ourselves to doing everything we can to embodying that greatness and to stopping all those that view that greatness with disdain. Today, if you come across a soldier, EMT, firefighter or anyone else who spends their life protecting yours, pay for their coffee and bagel. Give them a gift card. Mow their lawn. Challenge yourself to find creative and thoughtful ways to show your appreciation. 

Ryan Mauro, CAN’s national security analyst, has written an article with ideas on how we can mark the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with deeds and help protect America from Islamic extremism.Click here to read the article.

Be sure to also check out the latest column written by Jason Campbell, our Program Director, titled "Mohammed Atta's Last Words: The Ideology Behind 9/11." 

And finally, please read an earlier column by Campbell, "Never Forget Means 'Never Forget"

“If you remember, Americans were united in the days following the 9/11 attacks in saying, “Never Forget.” The handmade signs that littered the area around Ground Zero carried the phrase and it seemed like the day would never leave us. What happened? A country song has even been made that asks America, “Have you forgotten?” 

It’s a question that is worth asking. 2001 was a long time ago but according to Webster’s Dictionary, “never” means “not under any condition.” The word does not mean “not under any condition until 2011” or “not under any condition until we feel safe again.” 

As 9/11 reaches its 10-year anniversary, the threat posed by radical Islam has faded from our memories. Americans have become complacent,” he writes. 


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