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Make a Difference this 9/11

By: Jason Campbell  |  Contributor: Scott Allswang    

This September 11th is a significant one. It’s not only the 10th anniversary of the worst terrorist strike in history, but it is a time of reflection. How far have we come? How complacent have we become? As I asked myself these questions, two recent experiences came to my mind.

Recently, on FOX News Channel’s “The Five,” the panelists were discussing the controversy over Rep. Allen West’s hosting of Sacrificed Survivors in Congress. Outrageously, one panelist, Bob Beckel, said that New Yorkers had to “get over” 9/11 because “it’s affecting the rest of us.”  It aggravates me every time I think about it. “Get over it?” 

The second experience is about our children and their schooling. I was recently going through my oldest daughter’s textbook to see what she was being taught about 9/11. There was no mention of the Islamist ideology, or even the religious background on the hijackers. No, they were “Arab radicals!” What would the generation that fought in World War II have done if their kids were being taught that the conflict was caused by “German radicals” or “Japanese radicals?” 

As these thoughts went through my mind, I asked what CAN could do this 9/11, on top of the events we already put together. I thought about what retired New York City firefighter Tim Brown, who is in Sacrificed Survivors, told me in California. He mentioned the teenagers he had met since getting involved in the clash against the Ground Zero Mosque. “It’s these kids that will make the difference,” he told me. 

I then thought about the dozen or so phone calls I got in the past few days from pastors, political groups, community activists and even a city official in Texas about 9/ 11 memorial events. Randy McDaniel from ACT! For America in Jacksonville, FL called to tell me that a retired firefighter was showing our film in his church on September 11. And then it hit me.

CAN is going to make "Sacrificed Survivors" available to every church, community group, political group, activist chapter, etc. that we can financially afford to. We are offering a massive discount on the film and we will try to accommodate any budget.

Will you host a screening of our film?

Will you help honor those who lost their lives on 9/11 by helping people remember what really happened?

Just send me an email Whether you want to do a screening or simply show it to some people who you think need to see it, we want to help you!

This September 11, let’s recommit ourselves to fighting radical Islam! One way to do that is by raising awareness, and this film will help make sure the Ground Zero Mosque controversy isn’t forgotten about. As I write this, they are moving forward with the fundraising for it. 

We have an obligation to remember what was learned on 9/11, and to not dismiss it as a fluke event in our nation’s history. Nearly 3,000 people were killed. Seven buildings were destroyed. There was 30 million square feet of destruction. At least 60,000 jobs disappeared. 65,000 commuters were dislocated. 1.6 million tons of smoldering debris filled Ground Zero. And then there’s the countless injuries and emotional scars. 

Remember, "Never Forget" Means "Never Forget!" 

Jason Campbell
Christian Action Network

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