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Israel Under Attack and The World is Silent

By: Tom Trento

I just received a very disturbing email from Marc Kahlberg, Israeli counter-terrorism expert and primary instructor for the recent United West national security briefing that took place throughout Israel. I want to share this email with you, in it's entirety. Please read it carefully as this is the state of affairs in Israel, on Saturday morning, February 18.


Dear Tom...

Today, Saturday 18 February 2012, most Israelis are at home with their families indoors as it is a very cold and extremely windy day with snow in some places including Jerusalem, the cowardly Hamas has fired a barrage of missiles at all of the Israeli areas surrounding Gaza. Some of these missiles have hit a town called Beer Sheva, where my eldest son lives and where Natie, whom you met at the One Family Fund event last Thursday, lives. As you know Natie lost a leg and was seriously injured in a Grad missile attack some six months ago in Beer Sheva.

The population of almost a million people who live in that area are now spending this freezing day in bomb shelters and literally the South of Israel has come to a halt.

We have had an attack on our troops who patrol the border area very close to where you visited and things are certainly heating up in the area. In total there have been almost 50 missiles fired in the last 20 days!!

I am not sure if these attacks are being reported by the US media or in fact any International media, but I am sure that if Israel has to retaliate and defend almost a million people from this insane ongoing senseless act of terror as a last resort, the worlds media will certainly report that Israel has attacked these "poor" Palestinian terrorists. We will yet again be made to look like the aggressor and this you now know is simply not true.

Please put out the word that we are yet again under attack and perhaps through Facebook or other methods spread this message today.

This should not be ignored.

All of you are by now aware of a plot to suicide bomb strategic sites in Washington DC yesterday and the terror attacks on International soil targeting Israelis and Jews by Iran and their "terror henchmen". Yet the world sits idly by and accepts this as a norm??? Why??

As you who have just completed your visit to Israel on an eye opening behind the scenes, educational awareness program that I host, and have had a chance to see firsthand at how we are able to protect ourselves through various defensive methods such as bomb shelters, fences and walls while being able to show extreme patience and humanity while doing so towards an enemy that only sees our extinction and death as an alternative, I ask you to please let all you know in the US and other countries what is really taking place.

I have seen the reports that the Jerusalem post and other Israeli media are putting out in the last few hours but none of them actually describe the situation clearly and none of them bother to mention that almost a million people (women, babies, the elderly and others) are sitting in bomb shelters  on a freezing cold day here in Israel.

Best Regards
Marc Kahlberg
M.K. International Security Consulting Ltd | MK I.S.C.

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