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Innovative Activist Approach

Contributor: Scott Allswang | June, 2012
Working to counter orthodox Islam's relentless encroachment, an activist recently told us how she did it, and we think it's a brilliant, bold, and original approach. She said:

I participated in a terrific intervention to high school students and we're going to do more. We were led by a former US Marine officer, anti-jihad activist. He sent letters to everyone in local government including the mayor's office, all city councilmen, the school board and administrators of the chosen school, all police and sheriffs and hundreds of others telling them we would be exercising our first amendment rights by peacefully handing out informational flyers on the sidewalk when school lets out. The letters included links to YouTube videos about Mohammed and the Koran and also lots of other great info about the threat of Islam to all of us.

Just as we showed up to hand the kids flyers as they were leaving school, a police car drove up. When the two cops got out, they told us they were there to protect us and keep us safe as we exercised our first amendment rights. They were very friendly and even each took a flyer for themselves. Then another black and white showed up and it was these cops' commanding officer. He also said he was there to protect us and took one of our flyers.

The flyers had a picture of a turbaned man with a beard along side a baby with the caption, "married to children." Then there was a paragraph about the current Ayatollah in Iran having had sex with a four year-old girl...and information about Mohammed having sex with Aisha.

There were URLs listed and the kids were told to check it out on their cell phones. There was also a photo of an Imam grabbing the face of a little boy and kissing him on the mouth. And there were other URLs of YouTube videos for the kids to check out as well. The other side of the flyer told about the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.

As they exited the school and we handed them a flyer, we told them this 50 year-old man had sex with a four year old girl...check it happens in Iran all the time. Some of the girls squealed in horror at the photo of the Imam kissing the young boy on the mouth. Most of them took the flyer and started reading it as they walked away and some even took out their cell phones and started watching the videos on the spot.

We were trying to counteract the positive image they learn throughout school about the wonderful, "religion of peace." I think we opened some eyes.

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