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The Sovereignty of God

Dr. Robert Morey  

Once you understand the sovereignty of God, you can control your anger. God will not let anything come into your experience but it will conform to the image of Messiah (Rom. 8:28f).  

One gossip monger who slandered me on the internet with lies and false accusations repented and asked for my forgiveness. I forgave him and gave him a hug. He was surprised that I was not anger with him. He asked if I had become anger over what he said against me. I told him “No”  because God is sovereign and everything- including lies and false accusations- do not really harm me but only conform me to the image of Christ - who was also the victim of lies and false accusations. Thus I never take such attacks personally.

 It is only in my capacity as a servant of God that people slander me. In forty years of ministry I have learned to give thanks “for” and “in” all things to the glory of God. The only one you hurt when you engage in slander and gossip is yourself!

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