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The Hypocrisy Over Muslim Deaths

By: Dr. Robert Morey 

The outcry of liberal politicians and their military hacks over the killing of several Muslim citizens by an American soldier in Afghanistan is somewhat hypocritical.

These same politically correct talking heads did not say anything over the THOUSANDS of murdered Christians in Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq, etc. They are silent over the pastor on death row in Iran for converting from Islam to Christianity.

When you take a look at when they do and do not speak out about abuse, it seems that they only cry out when it is MUSLIMS who are abused. When thousands of Christians are slaughtered like cattle, they say NOTHING. They have said nothing about the head of Islam in Saudi Arabia commanding that all the churches in the Arabian Peninsula be destroyed. But they cry and ballyhoo over people opposing the building of a mosque at Ground Zero.

Now, I certainly do not agree with the killing of non-combatant citizens, but true moral outage should cover ALL such abuse- including when Muslims are the murderers of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc.

Until the liberal pontiffs condemn the Muslim killing of Christians around the world, their outrage is hypocritical at best and seditious at worst.

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