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The Battle of the Books [Part Two]

By: Dr. Robert Morey 

The Qur’an


There are several fundamental principles that will guide our analysis of the origin, nature, and authorship of the Qur’an.

1.    The Allah of faith is not the Allah of history.
2.    The Muhammad of faith is not the Muhammad of history.
3.    The Qur’an of faith is not the Qur’an of history.

What Muslims today believe about the origin, nature, and authorship of the Qur’an contradicts their best scholars and their own historical literature.  The problem we face is that the average Muslim has never investigated if what he has been told is true.  He assumes he has been told the truth. 

This is why he becomes angry and upset when you contradict what he has been told, because he is defending his own veracity. His pride is in the way of honest research. How do you overcome his pride?

You do so by admitting that when you researched what you had been told since a child, you found you were not told the truth. For example, the birth of Jesus did not take place on Dec.25th.  Three wise men did not show up at the manger and worship the infant Jesus on Dec.25th. There were no shepherds and no star of Bethlehem on Dec. 25th. Christmas trees and many of the Christmas foods and traditions did not come from the Bible but from Catholics adopting pagan myths and festivals.

The same is true with Easter. The Bible is not the source of most Easter traditions and celebrations. The Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, etc. are not from the Bible. They come from Catholics adopting pagan ceremonies and festivals. You should point out:

1.     The Christmas of faith is not the Christmas of history.
2.     The Easter of faith is not the Easter of history. 

When you were a child you believed in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, etc. But now you have put away such childish ideas.

In the same way, if a Muslim investigates what he has been told about the Qur’an, Muhammad, and Allah, he will find that the historical facts are against what he has been told. He should become an adult and accept the need to put away childish ideas about Islam.







1. Muhammad put together the Qur'an


He died before it appeared. His followers made many different Qur'ans




2. There is only one Qur’an.


There were so many conflicting Qurans, Caliph Uthman chose the one that helped him politically and burned the others. But the oldest Qur'an is not the same one today. The Shiites claims that up to 25% of the Sunni Qur'an was created to fight against them.

3. The original Qur’an is in a museum somewhere.


False. Where? Nowhere!




 4. The Qur’an today is the exact same text as the original. There are variant readings.


There are thousands of variant readings. The Hadiths state that some of the Qur’an was lost and some was false, ex. “The “Satanic Verses” and the doctrine of abrogation.




5. It is 100% Arabic


False. It has words from other languages.




6. It was written in heaven, on a stone tablet.


Its earthly sources have been documented.




7. It is impossible to translate.


It has been translated.




8. Nothing like it can be written


It has been done many times.




9. It is perfect in Arabic grammar and vocabulary.


It has many errors in Arabic.




10. It is perfect in science.


It has many scientific errors. Ex: Sun going down into a muddy pond.




11. It is perfect in history.


It has many historical errors. Ex: The “Samaritan” before Samaria existed; mother of Jesus was sister of Aaron; Haman, etc.




12.  It has no myths or legends.


No. It has hundreds of them. Ex: The She-Camel, Jews becoming monkeys, etc.




13. It is in perfect morals.


No, it has many immoral stories and  teachings.  Ex: Muhammad taking his daughter-in-law to be his wife.




14. It is 100% the Words of Allah. No human prayers, sermons, history theology, etc.


It has a prayer in Surah 1, and passages directed to Allah.




15. It is consistent with the original Bibles of the Jews and Christians.


It contradicts those Bibles many times.




16. It does not contradict the pre-Islamic Bible.


It does so many times.




17. When it conflicts the Bible, it has the priority.


No. The older judges the newer.  The already established judges the newer claims.  Muhammad appealed to the Bible.




18. It described embryos and DNA before science discovered them.


No, it does not do so. See Dr. Campbell.




19. The Qur’an is perfect in structure.


No, it is a jumble of mass confusion and repetition.




20. The Qur’an is 100% complete.


It was recorded on palm leaves that were later eaten, tree bark that crumbled, cloth that rotted away, bones that were lost, and the hearts of men who died before recording it.




21. It has no contradictions.


It has many.  In Surah 41:9f, the Creation took 8 days. But in Surah 7:51 it took 6 days. Which one is right?




22. It has no false doctrine.


It denies the Trinity, that Jesus is the Son of God; that He died on the cross, that He is the Savior, etc. It denies man is born a sinner.




23. The Qur’an created Islam.


No. Islam created the Qur'an




24. It existed in Muhammad’s day.


No. It did not appear until over 150 years after Muhammad.




25. It has one author: Allah.


No, it is a “scissors and paste” patchwork of many different authors from different lands. Muhammad had nothing to do with it. It was created by the Caliphs to rule an empire that had many different religions.  That is why the Qur’an has stories from all ancient Middle Eastern religions.




26. Muhammad created Islam.


No. Islam created the myth of Muhammad. “Muhammad” is a title like Buddha. There is no hard  evidence of his existence until 150 years after his supposed death.




27. The Qur’an guided the early Muslims.


No Qur’ans have been found from the first 150 yrs. No manuscripts, coins, rock inscriptions, references by contemporaries, etc.

28. It elevates women.


No, it makes men the “managers” of women, husbands can beat their wives, etc.




29. It reveals the way to Paradise.


No. It offers no forgiveness, no atonement, no intercessor, no savior, no assurance of salvation,  etc.




30. Its Sharia laws produce a just Society


No. They only produce death, tyranny, slavery, violence, and hatred.


The Qur’an is a false book.

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