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Seize the Moment

by Dr. Robert A. Morey

Joshua looked over the Jordan River and saw the Promised Land. He had stood there forty years earlier but had been stopped from crossing over by people who professed to believe in Yahweh but were actually unbelievers. (Heb. 3:17-19) The last generation failed to obey God because they looked to themselves and concluded that God was asking them to do the impossible because they did not have the natural resources necessary to do what God commanded them to do (Num. 13:25-14:1). When they looked to their present resources they concluded:

  • They were too few in number to conquer the land. 
  • The enemies were far more numerous. 
  • Their cities were large with high walls. 
  • They had huge armies with horses and trained soldiers. 
  • They did not have the money needed to pay for the invasion.


The root problem: They walked by sight (the visible) and not by faith (the invisible) (2 Cor. 5:7). They failed to understand certain key biblical principles:

Principle #1: If we look to ourselves to see if we have the resources to do what God commands, we will always find that we do not have the resources.

  • In the first place, if we had the resources, we don’t really need God! We could do it without Him. 
  • In the second place, God would have to share the glory with us becausewe did what we could do with what we had.


Principle #2 God always asks us to do the impossible, to go beyond our ability, to step out on faith, and to trust His promises. In this way He gets all the glory! 

Principle #3 When we look to God alone, we increase our faith.  

Principle #4 When we look to ourselves alone, we increase unbelief. 

Principle #5 God wants us to leave our comfort zone, where we feel safe, and step out on raw faith, where we feel exposed to danger. He loves it when we have to trust Him because there are no visible resources to do what He wants us to do!  

Principle #6 It takes real strength and courage to step out on raw faith and trust God to provide when you know that you do not have the resources to do it. This is why God encouraged Joshua to be strong and courageous (Josh. 1:6, 7, 9, and 18). Joshua later turned around and encouraged others with God’s words (Josh. 10:25).

Principle #7 Fear and dismay are the enemies of strength and courage (Jos. 1:9; 8:1; 10:25).
Like Joshua, I stand before you today and ask you to do the impossible; to step out in faith; to go back on the radio Mon.-Fri., 5-6 PM, which is the #1 radio time in America.

I am excited because I love to see God doing the impossible.  Everything about this ministry is impossible with man. It has always been and will always be impossible with man. But it has been possible only with God.

  1. Pray for God to glorify Himself, grow the church, send more students to CBUS, defend the faith, refute Islam and other errors, etc.  by putting “Bob Morey Live!” back on the air.
  2. Start tithing today, this morning. Stop giving by sight. Give by faith and you will see God pour out His blessings upon you. Give a special sacrificial gift today to get the radio program off the ground.
  3. Be prepared to welcome all the new people who will show up. Welcome them; take them out for dinner; witness to the unsaved; edify the saved. Be friendly!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Blow the trumpet!
Cross the River!
Engage the enemy!
Take the land!
Give God all the glory!

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