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Satan's Device

Satan was in a foul mood as his scheme to destroy Happy Valley Church was not progressing as planned. The Enemy had found out what he was up to and moved quickly to deal with it.

The stooges he had placed in the church were in danger of being disciplined and most of the people were now wise to the scheme. But he still had a few tricks to play. He called in agent Double Speak to handle the next phase of his scheme.

Agent Double Speak came into the office and greeted his master. “Hail, Master of all darkness and vileness! How may I serve you?”

Satan replied, “The pastor and people of that church used the Bible to judge the words and deeds of our agents and things got out of control. How can we regain our momentum in our scheme to destroy the church?”

Double Speak answered, “In situations like this we have to get them away from the Bible as soon as possible. I have an old trick that we used against Paul. It works like this:

Step one: Whenever an enemy agent brings up the Bible and its condemnation of gossip and slander, have our agents reply, “Yeah, but...” Keep repeating “Yeah, but...” to escape Biblical accountability.

Step two: Instead of judging the actions of our agent according to the Bible, we have to change the focus to judging the actions of our agents by their motives and character instead of the Bible.

By substituting their motives in the place of Scripture we can change the standard from what the Bible objectively says to what we subjectively say. Have our agents say, “Yeah, but I know that their motives were good.”

Step Three: Our stooges must constantly beat down any attempt to judge the actions of our agents by the Bible. They should justify their evil deeds and words by the claim that their motives were good.  

“Let us do evil that good may come.”
“Let us sin that grace may abound.”
“Good motives justify evil deeds.”
“It does not matter what we do as long as do it in love.” 
“The end justifies the means.”

Satan replied, “Well done. Once we change the focus from the Bible to our motives, we have them where we want them. Go to that church at once and change the focus to people’s motives and character instead of the Bible. This will give our stooges a chance to deceive any na├»ve people still hanging around.”

Agent Double Speak flew to the church and begin his dirty deed. Most of the people rejected the idea that good motives justify evil deeds. Only a few of the weaker ones were deceived by this ploy.

But despite the stooges’ insistence that no one let the pastor know about this new scheme, he got wind of it and took out the Bible and squashed it deader than a bug. Those who followed the word of the enemy stood with the pastor.

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