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Rick Warren and Chrislam

By: Dr. Robert Morey 


The controversy over Rick Warren's statements about Islam continue to grow.  Although Rick Warren categorically denies the Orange County Register Report (OC), he can settle this issue once and for all by agreeing with and putting his name to the following BIBLICAL truth:
                    "The Allah of Islam is not only a false god
                      but a demon-god according to the Bible."
                                                                (1 Cor. 10:20). 

Everyone who wants to know the truth, email Warren and ask him to sign the statement above. IF he puts his name to it, we will apologize publicly. If you think we are slandering Warren, it really is that simple. Now, if Warren refuses to sign, WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. His silence is all we need to be vindicated.

Dr. Bob  

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I have been warning people about Rick Warren for many years and his apostasy is now on the front pages of Orange County newspapers.

 He has finally admitted that he believes that Muslims and Christians worship the same god and that they can agree on central theological doctrines. He is setting up meetings between "evangelical" Christian leaders and pastors with Muslims clerics. This new religion is called "Chrislam." Of course, to make the Christian God the same as the Muslim god, he had to throw out the Trinity.

Follow the link below for the sad story of how Warren has denied our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

It is a sad day to see Warren sell out to the Muslims.

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