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Response to Gretchen Passantino on BML

The "Bible Answer Man" with Hank Handicap Blows It Again!

In a program last Thursday the claim was made that Dr. Robert Morey teaches, "We should bomb all the mosques all over the world." Of course, this is not only slander, but a bold-faced lie.

The "Iron Maiden" of apologetics, Gretchen Passantino, gave this nefarious lie several times. Loyal listeners have been calling in to complain about Passantino's lies given on Handicap's cart and pony show called the "Bible Answer Man."

We suggest you call CRI at 1-888-ASK-HANK or 949-858-6100 and demand that they offer a public apology to Dr. Morey and correct the "Iron Maiden" lies. She failed to do any research on the issue. This is not surprising given her record of misleading statements and sloppy research.

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