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Planet Earth Alerts

By Dr. Robert Morey

1.    China: Bad news

While our attention is riveted on the Middle East, China is actually our greatest threat today.

  1. The “one child” policy of the Communist government has resulted in a surplus of males and a scarcity of females. It will soon result in a ten to one ratio of men to women. In the past, when this happened, the male dominated nation went to war and invaded neighboring countries to obtain women. How long will the young men of China be content without women?

  2. China continues to build massive underground bomb shelters in its major cities because they believe that they can survive a nuclear war with the US. We do not have anything to protect our people because we believe that no country will survive. With their belief in a winnable war with us, what will they do when they finish building all those bomb shelters?

  3. The Chinese government has been stockpiling extraordinarily huge amounts of US securities and cash. If they continue with this policy, they could dump these on the world market in one act and ruin the US economy. The Federal Reserve recently made a trip to China to discuss this serious problem. They returned without any promise of resolution.

  4. The Chinese army continues to add more soldiers, stockpile weapons that could reach the US, and it recently tested a new land-based weapon that is able to blind our spy satellites over China. In the event of war, the ability to see troop deployments, rockets, launches, etc. is essential. The test was successful.

  5. The Chinese have increased their biological warfare research department. A general recently said that the way to destroy America is by biological warfare. In this way the homes and buildings are left intact. Only the people will die. In this same speech, he said that a survey was taken of Chinese youth in which they were asked if they would have a problem killing Americans. The majority said that they would have no problem!

  6. The Communist Chinese are now in control of such strategic sea-lanes as the Panama Canal. They are also taking over control of our own seaports through companies they own.

  7. The Chinese are the #1 arms seller in the world with increasing sales to terrorist groups, Fundamental Muslim countries such as Iran, and totalitarian countries such as North Korea.

  8. China’s economy is growing at such a rate that it will soon outpace the US and Europe. How long before it takes it place as the most powerful nation on earth?

  9. It is aggressively seeking greater influence in the Middle East, Africa, and South America and it is using that influence to attack the US.


2.    Europe: Bad news

“Eurabia” will take place in 2050. In that year, Europe will become over  50% Muslim. What will Europe be like when they are in the majority?

This can be seen by the recent riots in France, the present cities with over 50% Muslim populations, the killing of Europeans by Muslims terrorists, terrorist attacks throughout Europe, the new laws making it a crime to criticize Islam, the furor over the cartoons in Denmark, etc. 

 England! Alas, poor England! The taking of ten British hostages reveals how weak she has become. Question: What would President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher have done if Iran tried this stunt while they were in power? 

  1. The Iranians would not have been so foolish as to pull this stunt with Reagan and Thatcher in power.
  2. If they did, they would have been bombed immediately.


Pat Buchanan’s book, Death of the West, documents the demise of Europe. My wife and I plan on a trip to Europe to see it before it is burned down by Muslim mobs.


3.    Middle East and Africa: Bad news

The Middle East and North Africa are in the hands of Muslim fanatics. The Saudis and their oil wealth fuel most of the problems. They are building fundamentalist Muslim schools all over the world, including the US, where the children are only taught two things: Jihad and hatred of America.

Iran is out of control and no one wants to take them on before they get nuclear weapons. However, once their rockets can reach Europe and the US, will we be ready to take them on?

The Muslim rulers of Sudan have murdered over 2 million Christians - and no one seems to care. Muslims are murdering Christians in Nigeria by the thousands- and no one does a concert for them. The situation is bad.


4.    The United States: Bad news

  1. The Democratic take over of Congress means that the war against terrorism is over because they do not understand anything about Islam and the terrorism it spawns. They don’t realize that we are in clear and present danger. They live in la la land.

  2. Oil money influences many of our Congressmen in Washington. It is infiltrating our schools and setting up chairs in our universities. The Saudis are behind 80% of the mosques in this country.

  3. The terrorists will be emboldened by the Democrats’ victory and by our defeat in Iraq and will stage another 911 attack in the US.

  4. The war in Iraq will end with us retreating in defeat and letting the terrorists and Iranians win in Iraq.

  5. Iraqi citizens who have worked for the US have been promised free immigration to the US when we pull out. Several hundred thousand Iraqis are expected to apply for immigration. Thousands of terrorists will enter the country by this means.

  6. The wall between Mexico and the US will be abandoned and illegal immigrants will continue to invade our country at will. Some kind of amnesty will be passed by Congress. We have been sold down the river by too many politicians.

  7. The Democratic takeover of Congress and, possibly the White House, signals a “tax and spend” spree that will destroy our economy. The Reagan economy will end.

  8. Those of us who worked with the FBI in years past have suddenly been shut out of the system. There is a hesitation to access information about terrorists and their cells here in America. Known terrorists are walking around free even though we have pointed them out to the FBI.

  9. The economy is headed for tough times. The environmentalists want all kinds of new taxes to cripple our life style. Global warming and other swindles are used to frighten people into giving up their rights under the constitution.

  10. Obama may be a Muslim plant. Investigations into his autobiography revealed many serious falsehoods.

    His father was a wealthy Muslim, not a poor goat herder.
    He was registered as a Muslim in the fundamentalist Muslim schools he attended as a child.

    In Islam, if your father is a Muslim, you are a Muslim.
    Muslims are being told in America that he is one of them and that once he is President, he will announce his reconversion to Islam.

    America will have a Muslim sitting in the White House!
    That will totally end the worldwide war against Islamic terrorism as the Commander in Chief of our armies will be a fundamentalist Muslim!

  11. There will be new attacks on the freedom of speech by the Democrats. They will pass “hate speech laws” in the name of “tolerance.” A Democratic Congress with a Democratic president will pass laws designed to stop conservative talk radio and to control the internet. At that point only the Supreme Court will have the power to stop them.

5.    South America: Good news and Bad news

Castro is going to die soon. That is about the only good news today.

However, the president of Venezuela has taken his place as the new Castro. We have let him get way with the most atrocious things. I agree with Pat Robertson that we should have taken him down a long time ago. But we are too weak.

Islam is on the move in Latin America. They are building thousands of mosques and sending in thousands of missionaries. They are also emigrating from the Middle East by the multiple thousands. Terrorist acts against Jews have increased tremendously. They have joined with the communists, the drug cartels, and those who smuggle people into the US. No one seems to care that our backyard is being taken over by forces hostile to us.    


6.    Australia: Good news
Things are better today than five years ago. The trials of the two Daniels give me hope. The recent statements of main government leaders have also signaled that they now understand that the Muslims want to destroy Australia and set Islamic law. The threat to throw the Muslims out of Australia is the first sign of sanity.

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