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Introducing the New Faith Defenders Staff!

I am proud to introduce Dorell and Gary, the new staff for the Faith Defenders office now located in Las Vegas, NV.
I am proud to introduce Dorell and Gary, the new staff for the Faith Defenders office now located in Las Vegas, NV.  

Dorell is our receptionist and will be the first person you talk to when you call the local phone number. She is a loving person with a soft and gentle way about her. Dorell is easy to make friends with and when she’s your friend, she is your friend! Dorell has been married to her husband, Gary, for 33 years. She loves children, the elderly, and dogs. Dorell is especially fond of her dog, Tinker Bell. Dorell met Dr. Bob when she was celebrating her birthday four years ago. Dr. Bob liked her from the start, and that is how Dorell became the Faith Defenders Receptionist.

Gary was trained in the United Church of Christ Tradition and ordained and installed as Associate Pastor of the First Congretional Church in 1995. After serving as Associate Pastor and Director of Christian Education for 3 years, and opportunity came up that moved him and his wife, Dorell, to Las Vegas, NV. After a period of time, they both joined the Presbyterian Church and found out that Gary's UCC training could be transferred to the Presbyterian tradition. So in May 2015, he was ordained into the Presbyterian tradition and now serves as pulpit supply and visitation minister.

Gary is further trained as a Stephen Minister and Stephen Leader and serves as a Stephen Leader in the church. In this position, he has had the opportunity to council several "Care Receivers" and other Stephen Ministers. Now his attention is set on Apologetics; according to Jude 3 we are to "Earnestly defend the faith." In his new position as Office Manager, Gary feels that this is another opportunity to spread the faith to those in need of hearing the Gospel.

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