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I Told You So - Billy Graham

Dr. Robert Morey   |    November 3, 2006

In USA Today, Monday May 16th, 2005, Billy Graham was interviewed, and he lashed out against fundamentalists, Christians, and the right-wing conservatives. The title of the article is, "The Gospel of Billy Graham: Inclusion."

It saddens me deeply to once again be completely vindicated. Several years ago I released a video in which Billy Graham and Robert Schuller were agreeing that it is not necessary to hear of or believe in Jesus Christ or His Gospel to go to heaven. Billy Graham openly stated that Muslims, Hindus, etc., would all make it to heaven without Jesus. The public response to my analysis of the video tape was ferocious and vicious. People stopped supporting my ministry, churches shut their doors to me, I was called a liar, and I was vilified in every way imaginable.

Thank God people like John MacArthur watched the video, and saw with their own eyes, and heard with their own ears, Billy Graham denying that we are saved through Jesus Christ alone. The article in USA Today is the final chapter on this issue. Billy Graham makes it abundantely clear he teaches "inclusivism" and that he no longer believes in "exclusivism."

My readers must understand that while the doctrine of inclusivism means that you include in heaven any and all good people whatever their religious background; exclusivism is the doctrine that says only those that accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour will make it to heaven.

While receiving the sad news about Billy Graham going further into apostasy, I have received literature of the "global day of prayer." They boasted that all religions were invited to "pray together." The local newspaper pictured Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Mormons, so-called-Christians, etc., praying together. While this scene would gladden the heart of Billy Graham, it has saddened mine.

Brothers and sisters, we are seeing the one-world religion come together in our own day. I fully expect the day to come soon when those of us who hold out for the Gospel will be arrested because we refuse to be yoked with unbelievers. Pray for Dr. Graham that he will return to the path of righteousness; pray against the global day of prayer, that it will collapse and fizzle; and pray for us as we preach the truth without compromise.

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