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Hank Hannegraft Renounces the Gospel

The news about Hank Hannegraft renouncing the Gospel and converting to a false and apostate Eastern Orthodox Church has now been confirmed by Hank himself. Since Eastern Orthodox is composed of over a dozen different churches, each claiming to be the true church, I have not confirmed which Orthodox cult he joined.

The evangelical ignorance about Eastern Orthodoxy is complete. I wrote the ONLY book examining the history, doctrines, and rituals of Eastern Orthodox. I refuted it with documentation from the best Eastern Orthodox theologians and philosophers. This why they have not attempted to refute my book. How can refute their OWN scholars? You and your pastor need to read Is Eastern Orthodoxy Christian?. I don't know how much they paid Hank to convert but it was with the aim of converting ignorant evangelical to Eastern Orthodoxy. My book will stop them dead in their tracks.

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