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Faith Defenders Has Moved!

By Dr. Robert A. Morey   |   March 24, 2017

Dear Fellow Faith Defenders,

Well, the move of the ministry from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas, while expensive and exhausting, was successful. Nothing was lost or broken. No one was hurt. Well, my back is aching from moving heavy boxes of books. But that will pass.

My vision is now to bring apologetics to Las Vegas. I met with the local Christian TV station – Dale and I go back a long time. We hope to rent his studios so we can begin to do more videos.

So many of you have asked when we will produce new material. Well, Lord willing, once the office is up and running and we catch our breath, we will begin to plan new video projects. I also would like to expand the website to handle more downloads of my sermons, lectures, videos and debates. But without your financial support, nothing can be done. (Ecc. 10:19)

NOTE: Is there a specific topic that you would love to see us do a video on? Visit our Contact Page and send us your suggestions!

Special thanks and love to Doug and Pat for all their labors throughout the past thirty years. They are best friends as well co-laborers in the ministry. Say Hello to Dorell and Gary, who are now in charge of the office. They have already taken so much off my shoulders. Until I have heart surgery, I get feeble and dizzy when I do too much.

My eyes are not any better after 4 surgeries. I need Divine guidance if they want to do more eye surgery. Or, should I just give up and ask for some kind of super glasses so I can see to write my books?

There are three books in process that I had to stop because I cannot read the text:

  • God, Evil and You
  • The Messianic Meal
  • Verse Abuse


Please pray my eyesight is restored. Just like Paul, the Devil attacked my eyes.

We REALLY need an emergency donation from all who have been blest by this ministry. The move was expensive and now we have to pay rent and utilities. Previously, Doug and Pat hosted the ministry in their home and we had no overhead. Now, there is rent to be paid, light bills to be paid, etc. Please pray about donating around $100 a month. I do not take a salary as there is only enough money to pay overhead and Gary's salary.

Once the heart surgery is done and my strength is renewed like an eagle, I will be ready to start preaching at churches and conferences. Pray for healing of my heart. With God, all things are possible.

Send all correspondence and donations to our new address:

Faith Defenders
8550 West Charleston Boulevard, Box 406
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

Jude 3
Dr. Bob