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Dr. Bob On The Air

Dear Fellow Faith Defenders,

I did an international radio broadcast from 8-11:30pm last week. I was the guest on Omega Man. I was amazed that the Lord gave me the strength and ability to go so long on his program. We discussed many things, including Islam. He wants me to come on his program once a week, if health permits. But the issue is with my physical health and strength. I awoke this morning with a migraine headache and feel like I ran a couple of miles already. Pray that the Lord gives me wisdom.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I visited the local Christian TV station. The manager is a dear brother, and I was on his TV show years ago. He is a huge Faith Defenders fan! He has offered to produce a TV show for us in which I can teach. He would volunteer his time, the equipment, and the studio! But, we have to pay the guy who runs the camera and then the editor who can edit the tape for broadcast. How much to pay the camera man and editor? Only around $500.

We do not currently have that kind of money in our budget, as we are in survival mode. As some of you know, I do not take a salary from Faith Defenders. Why not? So that we can afford an office manager and receptionist.

If some of you offered to send in enough money to pay for a TV show, Dr. Bob will be back on the air. If 10 saints send in $50 a week, we could be back on the air – but that is up to you.

I now have Skype and am preparing to do some Skype shows. If you install Skype on your computer (it is free), then we can see each other during the Bible Class.

Things are getting busy here. The new office is up and running. If you haven't called the office to meet the new staff, Gary and Dorell, please do so.

Churches are asking me to come preach, but until my heart problems are healed, I think the traveling would be too much right now.

Please send any donations, questions, prayer requests, etc. to:

Faith Defenders
8550 West Charleston Blvd
Box 406
Las Vegas, NV 89117

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