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A Surprise Encounter

By: Dr. Robert Morey  |  October 30, 2007

On the way back from Spain to LAX, we had a connection at the London airport. Sitting with my wife at the gate waiting for our flight to depart, a large fat man with messy hair, wearing a wrinkled black shirt and black pants, with dark circles under his eyes, ran over to where my wife and I were sitting, leaned over in my face, and shouted, “You are a liar and a thief!”, and then ran away.

Of course, my first thought was that he was Muslim who had recognized me from one of my debates with their leaders. He had that wild-eyed appearance of a mentally off Jihadist.

Anne and I started laughing at such stupidity. I asked her, “What did I steal? Where, when, from whom, and where’s the police report?” Since I did not know who the man was, what was he talking about?

Later on, both of us vaguely remembered that he was that idiot who I exposed as teaching soul sleep heresy. He was so theologically ignorant that he did not even know that was what he was teaching.

In his books he stated that when we die, we are unconscious in the grave until the resurrection. We do not go to heaven at death. This is the classic heresy of the Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Anne and I could not remember his name. But I went on the internet and typed in “Moriel Ministries” and Jacob Prasch popped up. As soon as I saw his picture, I knew that he was the crazy man!

We have had no end of fun thinking of his resume: “well-known ministry for calling people names at airports and then running away.” But we also felt sorry for him. He looked like someone eaten up with bitterness and worry. So, we prayed that God would have mercy on him and lead him to the foot of the cross. He must be a very unhappy man.

This silly man led me to reflect on how to handle crazy people in the church world.

1. The first thing is not to take anything they say personally. Jacob Prasch does not know me personally. I have never stolen a dime from him nor has he ever stolen anything of mine. We have a theological disagreement on the intermediate state between death and resurrection. I believe that I will be with the Lord in heaven when I die and Prasch believes he will be with the worms in the grave. He has the right to believe anything he wants.

2. What is sad is that people like Prasch cannot take criticism of any kind. They can’t handle theological disagreements. That is why he flipped out on me and attacked me personally by calling me silly names.

3. The man obviously remembered me. He was so insignificant to me that I had forgotten all about him. He needs, in the words of Judge Judy, to “get over it.”

4. Since the issue is a minor doctrinal issue, we forgot all about it. Heresies come and go all the time. But, evidently, he is still angry and depressed that he was “outed” for heresy. While he was seething with anger, Anne and I were out dancing in Spain. That is something to learn early on in the ministry. Bitterness only hurts you. While you stew in bile juices, the person you are angry at is out dancing!

5. Learn how to forgive people at once. We forgave Jacob Prasch immediately. We must bless those who curse us. We must wish good for those who wish us evil. If I could have done a kind deed for Prasch, eg. a cup of cold water, I would have done so. But he ran away.

6. I wonder why David Hocking still has this man speak at his conference. His long time friend, Ed S., confirmed that Jacob Prasch was teaching soul sleep. But Dave stands and falls before his own Master and he may be trying to help Prasch. And, God knows, he needs all the help he can get!

7. Lastly, don’t become bitter when people say all manner of evil against you falsely because of your stand for Christ and His Word. Go on and live life to the fullest to the glory of God. Take insults as compliments. You must be doing something right for the devil to have such a fit over you. Since I have been stealing souls from the devil for thirty-five years, it is no surprise that he calls me a thief!

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