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How to Witness to Jehovah's Witnesses

Remember not to argue over doctrine or Scripture. The only real issue is the authority of the Watchtower Society as God’s prophet and God’s organization on earth.

Step No. 1: Before you begin, ask them if they will promise not to lie to you. In Aid to Bible Understanding (p. 1060), they are told that they can lie to those “who do not deserve the truth.”

Step No. 2: Tell them that the historic documents and facts have the final say.

Step No. 3: Establish the following facts:

Fact No. 1: The Society has claimed to be God’s prophet (Watchtower, 4/1/72, pp. 197, 200, etc.).

Fact No. 2: The only way to prove it is to examine the record of the prophecies made by the Society (Watchtower, 4/1/72, p. 197).

Fact No. 3: Deut. 18:20-22 tells us that if someone gives a false prophecy, he is a false prophet (Aid to Bible Understanding, p. 1348).

Fact No. 4: The Society has used this method to refute other groups (Awake, 10/8/68, p. 23).

Step No. 4: Beware of the following tricks:

  1. “The Watchtower never claimed to be a prophet.”
  2. “OK. I admit that the Watchtower claimed to be a prophet and made some mistakes. But we all make mistakes.”
  3. “A false prophet is someone who does not admit his false prophecies.”
  4. “This is old light. Let us discuss new light, for the Bible says the light gets brighter and brighter.
  5. “I do not care about all this. It is not important. Let us study the Trinity.”

Be firm that the issue of the authority of the Watchtower must be resolved before going on to study what it teaches.

Step No. 5: Ask them what happened on the following dates, and then present the Watchtower documents. Be prepared for some Jehovah’s Witnesses to deny that the 

Watchtower ever said anything about these dates.

1799: The beginning of the time of the end.

1874: Christ’s invisible return to earth.

1878: Christ’s kingly office begins.
         The power of the Kingdom begins.
         God rejects all the churches.

1914: Armageddon (the end of the world).
         6,000 years since Adam completed.

1915: Armageddon.

1918: Armageddon and the destruction of the churches.

1925: Armageddon and the Resurrection.
         Beth Sarim built.

1931: Christ’s return switched form 1874 to 1914.

1975: Armageddon and the end of the world.
         6,000 years since Adam switched from 1914 to 1975.

1986: The time of peace and safety.


Since the Society claims to be God’s prophet, but its prophecies failed to happen; then the Society is a false prophet. Since the Society is a false prophet, it has no authority to speak for God—so, why follow it? Look to the Bible instead!


How to Answer a Mormon/How to Answer a Jehovah's Witness - two books in one! 
How to Answer a Mormon: The most efficient way to witness to Mormons is to prove that Joseph Smith was a false prophet. This book documents (with photostats) the major false prophecies of Joseph Smith and gives effective witnessing instructions.

How to Answer a Jehovah's Witness: The classic work on the Watchtower was the first to document its false prophecies with full-page reproductions. This book has caused a revolution in cult evangelism. Many JW's have come to Christ through this book. Included: An inductive Bible study on the Deity of Christ; a manual on how to use the book's materials; the Watchtower and prophecy.

1800’s Spawning Ground of the Cults--CD
Why was the 19th century so fruitful in producing the main cultic systems that curse the Church today? Dr. Robert Morey reviews the individuals who started various religious movements and how they all interrelate and were contemporary to each other. Also, how they interplay with their cultic ideas. 

There’s Thomas Campbell and his son Alexander Campbell.  Immigrants from Scotland who came to the United States formerly Presbyterian, they started the restoration movement where they said the Gospel had been lost since the death of the apostles and now the Gospel was restored. Charles Foyer you see was the father of all of these religious communes.  He said it is time in the light of the last days that religious believers should leave the world and come together in communities, in communes. Brigham Young, who together with Joe Smith, stole the restoration message from the Campbells and the eschatological propensities of William Miller, and they ran around saying, “We are the ones to restore the Church!  We are going to have a church with the name Christ!  So, we’ll say the Church of Jesus Christ.”  Later, they said that of Latter Day Saints. And many more...

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