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A Fact Sheet for Moonies

When coming to a conclusion about the man who calls himself “Rev. Moon,” we must remember two important principles:

1. We must not focus on non-essential issues but on the words and works of Moon himself.
2. We must realize that we are dealing with an occult leader as well as with a cultic group.

“REVEREND” MOON AND HIS UNIFICATION CHURCH - A CULTIC GROUP AND OCCULT LEADER: Moon claims to have been a spiritualistic clairvoyant from his childhood. He “sees” the spirits of living people and can talk with the spirits of the dead and other spirit beings. He claims to have had conversations with the spirit of Buddha, Noah, Moses, etc. His “visions” are spiritistic.Moon’s authority is above Scripture. He is the true mediator while Jesus was a failure. Moon’s teachings are in opposition to Biblical and historic Christianity. His followers are willing to kill for him. He has absolute control of every aspect of the lives of his followers.


First, focus on Moon’s witchcraft:
The following is an actual dialogue with a Moonie that led to his leaving the Unification Church and becoming a Christian.

Ask #1 - Do you believe in witchcraft? “NO”
Ask #2 - You mean that you do not believe in seances, table rapping and communicating with the spirit of dead people? “YES”
Ask #3 - You agree with the Bible that the occult is condemned by God? Do you agree with Deut. l8:9-l2? “YES”
Ask #4 - Then you would agree that no witch or spiritistic medium can be viewed as a prophet of God? “OF COURSE”
Ask #5 - On the basis of what the Bible clearly teaches, what do you say about Moon’s claim that he talks to the spirits of the dead? He even went to the medium Arthur Ford! How then can you follow someone who is a “witch” according to the Bible? “CAN YOU PROVE TO ME THAT MOON IS INVOLVED IN THE OCCULT?” Are you willing to look in the Divine Principle? “YES.”

For Moon’s involvement with the occult see his Divine Principle, (pgs. l6,58,60,77,88,l63,l8l-l82).


Second, focus on Moon’s cultic character.
Ask #1 - Turn to Deut. l3:l-5. If someone who claims to be a prophet teaches us to worship other gods and contradicts what God has revealed in Scripture, we are to reject him. Do you agree with the Bible? “WE ACCEPT THE BIBLE BUT GREATER LIGHT HAS COME.”
Ask #2 - But surely you recognize that “greater” does not mean “contradictory” but “fuller” or “richer?” “YES”
Ask #3 - Moon clearly contradicts what the Bible says about many things. Thus Moon is a false prophet. “PROVE TO ME THAT MOON CONTRADICTS THE BIBLE.” In his book Divine
Principle, Moon:

  1. denies that Christ was God (pgs. 209ff).
  2. says that the world is eternal i.e., never created. There is thus no biblical Creation ( pgs. ll4-ll6).
  3. denies Christ’s and our bodily resurrection (pgs. 2l2, ll6, l70f).
  4. claims that the Bible is not for today. He even says that Jesus’ words are not the truth ( pg. l3l).
  5. rejects the Trinity ( pgs. 2l7f).
  6. teaches that Christ’s death was not predestined by God and thus Jesus’ death on the cross does not take away our sins (pgs. l42-l45).
  7. says that Christ’s body was invaded by Satan ( pg. l48).
  8. claims that the “Holy Spirit is a female spirit” ( pg. 2l5).
  9. says that there is no eternal Hell and that all will be saved (pgs. l90,360).


Third, emphasize that Moon is a False Prophet.
Ask #1 - Did you know that the Bible tells us how to identify a false prophet? “NO”
Ask #2 - Well, in Deut. l8:20-22, Moses says that if someone claims to be a prophet but he gives a prediction which fails, he is a false prophet. Is this what Deut. 18 is saying? “YES”
Ask #3 - What did Moon predict or prophesy about President Nixon? “I DO NOT KNOW.” Moon predicted that Richard Nixon would remain the President (San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. l9, l974). Moon later stated that, “I am sure there is a communistic power working behind the scenes. They came to threaten to kill him if he did not resign and that is what compelled him to do so.” (SanFrancisco Chronicle, Dec. l0, l975). Since Moon was WRONG about Nixon, he is false prophet. “I WILL HAVE TO CHECK THIS OUT.” Check it out all you want but in the end you will see that he made a false prophecy about Nixon.
Ask #4 l98l is the watershed for Moon. Do you know what he prophesied about l98l? “NO.” Well, the Lord of the second advent was to be revealed in l967. When this prophecy failed, l98l was announced by Moon as the time when the world would recognize the Lord of the second advent and the Kingdom of Heaven would begin. “I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS.” l98l was chosen because of its being the end of three 2l year periods. Since the l98l date failed, Moon is a false prophet.


According to the Bible, Moon must be labeled as a false prophet, a witch, a medium, a heretic, an infidel, a pagan, and a cult leader. We call upon him and his followers to repent of their sins and to accept Jesus Christ as the only true Lord of the first and second advent. Moon is only one more pathetic false prophet and false Christ that Jesus warned us would be coming to decieive people (Matt. 24:24). May God be pleased to open his blind eyes to the truth of the glorious Gospel that Christ died for our sins and arose bodily on the third day for our justifictaion (I Cor. 15:3-4; Rom. 5:25).

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