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Little Girl Tired of 'Bronco Bama,' Mitt Romney

Contributor: Scott Allswang | November, 2012

If you happen to follow me on Twitter, you’d know that I’ve found a kindred spirit in a little Colorado girl named Abigael.

Young Abigael, you see, is sick and tired of hearing about “Bronco Bama” and Mitt Romney. Sick to tears, in fact. Her mom does her best to reassure the 4-year-old that the election will be over soon, but I tend to think Abigael’s crisis is of a more existential nature, and that she’s crying over a more difficult to resolve issue surrounding our nation’s discussion of politics and the election. It’s all just a self-perpetuating cycle of bullshit and petty tantrums, isn’t it Abigael? And we’re all just another cog in that wheel, aren’t we? It’s all just bread and circuses and 24 hours of bickering and buzzwords! IT’S ALL CRAP. YOU’RE ALL DEAD AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT.
So you just keep right on crying, Abigael. Yours is by far the most sane reaction. 
Watch, via CNN:
Source: Mediaite

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